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In the recording studio

Some tracks from my recording studio:

Let Me Go Easy

One of my more recent songs recorded this year with Lorraine Wilbur on Harp and Ian Fulcher on keyboard:


The Company you Keep 

One of earlier songs recorded with Double Take - John Fodor on guitar and Peter Corp on double bass:


Touch Your Soul  

Twinset and Pearl have been put on hold, but we're hoping to resume our project of recording our greatest hits. Here's one of them:

Joe Moses Leggett aka "AbberantDabbler" recorded an EP this year (2023), which I hope he'll be releasing soon.

I've produced CDs for other people over the last few years:- 

Spacecake's  first album 'Two Truths'  was launched in Colchester in December 2018 after 3 year's work, and it went down a storm.

Harry Planck recorded his first album with me.  Also a cover of Sam Smith's  Not the Only One  which has had over 2,600 views on YouTube. (I'm not responsible for the video, only the recording.)  I hear he's touring Australia now (June 2022)

I have  recordings of the late great Tristan Pickford (Alias Rob Dylan) for anyone interested.

And since women in professional audio make up just  5% of all audio engineers, have a look at Soundgirls.


The Company You Keep - Jackie Ord and Double Take
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Touch Your Soul - Twinset & Pearl
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Let Me Go Easy - Jacki Ord wih Lorrane Wilbur and Ian Fulcher
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2 Truths cover LP.jpg
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