​Lots happening in the studio -

Twinset and Pearl are in progress, as is Double Take

I'm working with some budding songwriters to record their work.

Spacecake's  first album 'Two Truths'  was launched in Colchester in December 2018 after 3 year's work, and it went down a storm.

The album's available in CD and vinyl format. Let me know if you're after a copy.

The album got a great review in February's  'Grapevine' Magazine':

"this album is well produced and full of depth".

Harry Planck's cover of Sam Smith's Not the Only One has had over 2,600 views on YouTube. (I'm not responsible for the video, only the recording.) Harry's  been back in the studio to record some more songs.

I have  recordings of the late great Tristan Pickford (Alias Rob Dylan) for anyone interested.

And since women in professional audio make up just  5% of all audio engineers, have a look at Soundgirls.


2 Truths cover LP.jpg
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